Email an Folio Literary Management


after an inquiry of mine via email I was redirected by Hachette Book group to you, Folio Literary Management. The cause of my inquiry was the permission to publish the first 3 1/2 pages of Ross Russell’s Charlie Parker biography, „Bird Lives“ on my private blog at I own said book since 1983. Around 1998 I got permission from Da Capo Press, then located in New York, to publish attached excerpt on the website I had then. Now I have my own domain ( where I have a blog based on WordPress. On this blog I would like to publish those first 3 1/2 pages of „Bird Lives“. The chapter in question is entitled „At Billy Berg’s: An Obbligato“. Since I am a fan of Charlie Parker’s, I would like a) to provide this excerpt as a PDF download, or, if this is not possible, post it b) on a separate page, of course with the appropriate copyright remark & link to Hachette book group, to which Da Capo Press now belongs. In case that you don’t own the rights to said book, could you please redirect me to the the company that is responsible. Please, note that I, as a private blogger, only have limited financial means to pay copyright fees. Da Capo Press didn’t charge anything back then in 1998.

Best regards,

Claus Cyrny“