Email an ABC

„Hello Mrs. Kline,

I am a blogger located in the southwest of Germany. I am writing you because I would like to post five stills (see attachment) from the 1968 ABC series, ‚It Takes A Thief‘ starring Robert Wagner. Please, note that this post is not online, yet. In addition to a copyright remark (which one?), a link to the ABC website would be provided. Since my funds are low, I am not able to pay high copyright fees, though. If this would be possible, could you probably provide information on where this intro was used? Was it a pilot for the series? AFAIK, the original theme was composed by Dave Grusin, whereas here it says ‚Music: Ernie Freeman‘. I used to watch the series when I was in my teens on German television.

Best regards,

Claus Cyrny, Germany“